Project Summary

The E-Band can assist those within the epileptic community. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder caused by excessive and abnormal neuronal activity that results in seizures. If these seizures occur while the individual is unsupervised, they can hurt themselves while convulsing. An early notification system can help to mitigate the length of the seizure and the time that the individual receives medical attention. The E-Band monitors two physiological thresholds for the user: heart rate and muscle contraction. Additionally, the device monitors if the user experiences a sudden fall. Two of the three thresholds need to exceed within 2 minutes for the device to notify the user that they are experiencing a seizure. Once the user confirms the message or does not respond within 1.5 minutes, an emergency SMS is sent to their emergency contact(s) with the user’s location. If the user denies the message, the E-Band will continue to monitor the user.